I'm an software engineer since childhood. Literally. I wasn't learning all of this because I heard one can earn a lot of money. Curiosity. It's what drives human kind development. When I was 12 I used to program self-made greetings cards for my mother in BASIC on Commodore 64. I remember that I even wanted to learn assembly these days. After two years my parents bought me a x86 machine. Two weeks before I started to read books about HTML and Delphi. And year by year with some breaks (e.g. I used to be lead guitarist in a metal band, lol) I have found my way around C++ and Python.

Recently read books I recommend:
  • Scalable Internet architectures, Theo Schlossnagle
  • Systems performance: Enterprise and the cloud, Brendan Gregg
  • Effective Modern C++, Scott Meyers
  • I love logs, Jay Kreps
  • ...

Favourite music: Opeth, Death, Porcupine tree, Al Di Meola, Infected mushroom, Bonobo - as you can see I'm not bound to any genre :)

Background by Tiamat (http://wallpaperswide.com/psychedelic_2-wallpapers.html)